We have a selection of silk fabrics - dyed and undyed - available for purchase. We use Landscape acid dyes, which offer a range of stunning, harmonising colours that are perfect for nuno felting.


The Habotai silk scarf lengths come in two widths - 14" and 18" - and both widths are 102" long, which gives plenty of room for shrinkage. The weight of this silk is 5mm which is generally considered to be fine, and is very easy to nuno felt. 


Also available are hand dyed metre lengths of the amazingly gorgeous Uzbek silk from Margilan in Uzbekisan. This unique fabric has an open weave, and is highly lustrous and light as a feather. It's a pleasure to work with, and keeps its definition rather than melting into the wool, giving a beautiful, varied texture when used to nuno felt. 



The Uzbek silk is also dyed with acid dyes: some of the colours are solid, and others have slight variations of tone and colour. Each piece measures  approximately 90cm x 1 metre.


Colours shown are subject to availability.



  • Uzbek (Margillan) - £12 a metre (90cm wide) dyed
  • Uzbek (Margillan) - £5.50 a metre (90cm wide) undyed


  • Silk Habotai 5mm - 102" x 18" £18

                                 102" x 14" £14‚Äč

  • Silk Chiffon 8mm -  102" x 12" £17


If you would like to order yardage of silk custom dyed to your personal specifications, please contact Kathie:



A selection of colours of Uzbek silk



Below are samples of the Habotai 5 scarf lengths







These 34g packs of silk textures, hand dyed in a range of harmonious colours, contain a selection of fabulous fibres that will bring beautiful textures and character to your felt work. 





Great for creating textural surfaces!