DHG Fine Merino and PIIKU Finn Wool



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We are an approved DHG reseller, and stock DHG Superfine Merino in all colours.


DHG is an Italian company passionate about colour and fibres.  Located in Tuscany, in the famous textile district of Prato, they have been dyeing & processing fibre since 1954.  Since 2008 over 150 colours have been developed, including naturals, colour blends and plain and the company continues to develop their products to a high standard.


At Felt in the Factory, we are very pleased  to be an official reseller of  DHG  coloured 19 micron merino tops, fine merino needlefelts and a selection of chiffon and pongee dyed fabrics.


We also sell Ramie fibres in the same colour range as the Extra Fine Merino Tops Classics Collection  (subject to availability).


All products are available to purchase by post, or you are welcome to collect from the studio by prior arrangement.  


Extra Fine Merino Tops - The Classics Collection




We also sell Piiku wool which is 100% Finnsheep wool that comes in carded batts. It is produced on a family farm - Piesala - where the Finnsheep have been raised for decades. The wool is also dyed on the farm: there are 11 solid colours in the main range, along with 5 undyed colours, and a wonderful selection of multicoloured batts.


Piiku wool is great to work with and felts very easily, producing a strong, robust felt.


The name Piiku is derived from an old sheep calling, when you went out to the pasture and called to the sheep “piiku, piiku, piiku, piiku” to bring the flock home.


Solid Colours