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  • SNAIL RUG 29 December 2016 | View comments



    I've wanted to have a go at making a rug for a long time, and the rolling machines make it a far less scary project!


    Ever since using it as the inspiration for a lesson during my final teaching practice, I've had a soft spot for Matisse's The Snail.



    Piiku is the perfect wool for rug making: its strong and felts easily, and because of the great colour range, I didn't have to card my own colours!


    I made the component shapes to scale before heading off to Felt in the Factory. Working on 1.5kg of wool per square meter, I calculated that I'd need ... a lot of wool :-) Using undyed Bergshaf wool for the first few layers saved quite a bit of money, and I then covered that with a few layers of natural Piiku. I've never actually seen such a thick layout! It looked temptingly cosy - I wanted to burrow into it!


    Once the base was done, I laid the border and started to place the pieces down.




    To be continued...






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