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  • SNAIL RUG 29 December 2016 | Comments (0)



    I've wanted to have a go at making a rug for a long time, and the rolling machines make it a far less scary project!


    Ever since using it as the inspiration for a lesson during my final teaching practice, I've had a soft spot for Matisse's The Snail.



    Piiku is the perfect wool for rug making: its strong and felts easily, and because of the great colour range, I didn't have to card my own colours!


    I made the component shapes to scale before heading off to Felt in the Factory. Working on 1.5kg of wool per square meter, I calculated that I'd need ... a lot of wool :-) Using undyed Bergshaf wool for the first few layers saved quite a bit of money, and I then covered that with a few layers of natural Piiku. I've never actually seen such a thick layout! It looked temptingly cosy - I wanted to burrow into it!


    Once the base was done, I laid the border and started to place the pieces down.




    To be continued...






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    Samson! 28 December 2016 | Comments (0)

    Samson, Nina's Hebridean ram, is currently very good friends 
    with four of Nina's ladies ...
    she awaits the patter of tiny feet in the spring 


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    Green Man 18 December 2016 | Comments (0)



    In this darkest time of the year, the symbol of rebirth is being created! 


    At the moment, it's still in the needlefelt stage - the base layer and the foliage are from Pikku wool batts that have been put through the Groovi needlefelting machine here at the studio. 


    The next stage is to wet felt it ... photos to follow.





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    You know it's that particular time of year when things get sparkly at Felt in the Factory ...


    Happy Christmas everyone!


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