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  • Samson! 28 December 2016 | Comments (0)

    Samson, Nina's Hebridean ram, is currently very good friends 
    with four of Nina's ladies ...
    she awaits the patter of tiny feet in the spring 


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    Green Man 18 December 2016 | Comments (0)



    In this darkest time of the year, the symbol of rebirth is being created! 


    At the moment, it's still in the needlefelt stage - the base layer and the foliage are from Pikku wool batts that have been put through the Groovi needlefelting machine here at the studio. 


    The next stage is to wet felt it ... photos to follow.





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    You know it's that particular time of year when things get sparkly at Felt in the Factory ...


    Happy Christmas everyone!


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    I love the effect of light shining through felt - and especially, nuno felt. All the wrinkles and ripples and pleats and squigly bits give incredible depth and intricacy to the fabric.


    This is a lampshade I made recently using undyed 5mm habotai silk which I nuno felted with lots of different fibres to build up the texture - throwsters waste, wool and silk neps, silk threads, mulberry silk ... just about everything I could find in my stash!


    Once I'd made the fabric, I used a drum shade kit and assembled it without too much trouble, although the silk is delicate, and the uneven thickness made the finishing a bit tricky. But I'm really pleased with the outcome!


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