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  • MRS MUNTJAC 06 August 2017 | Comments (0)


    Right outside the window of the studio, there was a little muntjac deer happily nibbling the fresh green leaves in the woodland! 


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    LAMB GANG 06 April 2017 | Comments (0)

    Nina's little Hebridean sheep have produced! 



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    Another batch of hand dyed silk fabric, along with packs of mixed silk fibres, is ready to be taken to the studio! Gorgeous, harmonising colours and textures ... if you don't do nuno felting, you'll want to when you see these :-)




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    I have a top that's made of a loosely woven linen fabric and, as I wear it, gets bigger and bigger and longer and longer until it's hanging off my shoulders and drooping around my knees ... not a good look ;-)

    So I thought I'd have a go at shrinking it down to submission by felting some nuno patchwork on to the upper half. I made some prefelted nuno sheets, cut them into strips, and laid them in place (after placing a sheet of resist inside the top).

    It has definitely done the job - the fabic no longer stretches as I wear it and the whole thing holds its shape well so I'm chuffed!


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