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    It's been fun embellishing these pieces of nuno felt with free motion embroidery. The plan is to make a wall hanging: I'll cut them up and reassemble them on to some natural hessian, and then do some more stitching.



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    Cuffs 08 January 2017 | Comments (2)


    Cuff bracelets - a good way to use up all those small scraps of fabric.



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    I just had to share the amazing wool store that my lovely husband has built for me in my studio at home! It's my big chance to be organised :-)



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    After a good rinsing outside with the hosepipe, it's taken over a week to get the rug dry enough to handle - making something this size in the middle of winter isn't ideal ;-) Initially, I put the rug on the garden table and used a rolling pin to remove the worst of the water. Once it was a little lighter, rolling it and standing it on end in a bucket allowed the rest of the water to drain away.


    And here is the finished item - all 42" x 43" of it!


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