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    I thought I'd have a go at building up fibres to create the effect of brush strokes - it's a bit painstaking, but I learned such a lot doing this. Every fibre really does show so you have to go really carefully and make sure that all the wool you lay down really does follow the direction of the stroke. 


    I'm glad I made this quite large so that I could use the entire length of the tops and didn't have to cut the fibres until I was doing a small area.






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    My iPod needed a case ... and Trilobytes are so gorgeous ... so I put the two together, added some Piiku wool et voila! Many thanks to Maria Friese for the inspiration.


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    Busy getting ready for an intriguing workshop this weekend: Dagmar Binder is teaching her "Grids". I'm looking forward to working with kap merino, which is carded and has short fibres - I can foresee many possibilities with this wool. 

    Can't wait to get started ....


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    A Crown of Flowers ... smiley



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